Friday, February 14, 2014

Vday heART Fest ... 17 featured artists ... add your link, too!

Kara | MotherHenna
Hey lovies! Welcome to our heART Blog Fest today. We've got 17 awesome heART pieces featured today from artists all over the world. Clay, fabric, photographic, mixed media, ATCs, henna, and more. This collection was curated as a Valentines heART swap which you can read about by clicking here. We each made a set of 20 handmade art pieces. Then when they all got to me, I photographed what you see here to feature each set. Once done with that, I sorted the pieces, putting one from each set into envelopes that are being posted back to the artists. They will each get one piece from every other artist, plus a few of their own back since we had a few artist drop out there at the end.

I'm also posting a Mister Linky at the end of this post. So if you all have heART you'd like to share today on the theme of Valentines, heart, open heart, broken heart, or any such thing, please leave your link so we can surf around for fest!

Enjoy your gallery walk through today's heART, everyone!
Yvonne Lucia | | sneak peek 

Michelle Favreault | 

Cheri Quigley Hayward aka Pink Cupcake Arts | sneak  peek

Jhanifor Griggs

LindaMarie Davinroy Smith

Emily Sellers Wilberg

Andrea Davis

Christine Grothe | | sneak peek 

Tabitha Beck | 

Matt Meko | 

Yolanda Ortega Nussdorfer | 

Serena Aversa | | sneak peek 

Amber Coffey | | sneak peek 

Sherene Zolno

Noel Royer

Hinke Gerla | 


  1. Ooohhhh like them all. One of all to be found in my mailbox soon.
    Can't wait. Thank you for hosting :)

    1. It's so fun hosting, Hinke, there's no need to thank me! All packages have been mailed out, so they are on the way. You are going to just loooove them!

  2. I want them all. What lovely artwork!

    1. Really was a great swap this time! Always is :) The photoshoot for these was really fun though because they are so textured and some have scent to them and just yumalicious! :)

  3. wow! I love them all and think this is an incredible idea -- hope you repeat it next year!

    1. Thanks, Rose, and a BIG Happy Valentine to you, too!! Will definitely do Valentines and Day of the Dead each year... but I am re-thinking adding two more swaps in addition to those into each year as it is just a lot. Maybe thinking to make on additional swap that would actually be more of a call for submissions to an ebook or something. We'll see! xoxoxo


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