Monday, February 24, 2014

It doesn't just happen in the studio or museum...

It's easy to get caught in the world that says love comes in bouquets of roses that cost fifty times as much on Valentines day as they cost any other time of year. It's easy to convince myself that beauty costs money I don't have and is part of a lifestyle I'll never attain. It's easy to be tricked into believing that creativity happens only in a big loft studio with all the best space, tools, work time, an agent, and only making art, not doing business stuff.

These are such horridly harsh lies that can lash through my life and being. They certainly are not things I would ever consider foisting on others because these are such mean and nasty beliefs. And yet my inner critic has no problem dumping it all on me. Constantly. From the moment I wake.

So how to snap out of it? How to reconnect with a flow that is more authentic? Well, interestingly enough, for me it shifted when I went out to do errands. I walk out the back door of the Two Wall Gallery uptown here, past the department of licensing branch office, down a stair or two, and BAM! The photo you see at the top of this post. Scattered all over the ground. Just staring up at me. Beauty, color, art, all scattered with refuse, dried dead leaves, rain, moss, all strewn across cracking pavement.

It really doesn't take much to wake up. But waking up is required for living wholeheartedly. Creativity and beauty are everywhere. Even in the midst of the mundane, the profane, and even in the midst of death and grief. If only we'd allow ourselves to see it *all* instead of letting the critics dump their skewed perspectives all over us!



  1. It's all about paying attention. For me being actively mindful brings the chance and ability to see the beauty that surrounds us at all times.

    Wonderful post Kara. Thank you.

    1. Thanks, Lynne...yep, even paying attention to the nasty inner critic who wakes up with me each day -- helps to vanquish him or send him on long term assignment elsewhere very quickly :) <3


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