Friday, November 1, 2013

Day of the Dead Blog Fest 2013 - Join us!

Celebrating Day of the Dead with you!

For today's post, I'm hosing a blog festival in honor of Days of the Dead.  First up, I'm sharing the art that came in from all the heARTists that collaborated with me on the 2013 Day of the Dead trade.  Check out all the beauty and love they poured into these pieces!  Then I'm sharing a few links to more resources and art for the holiday.  And finally, you'll find a thumbnail MisterLinky where you are invited to post links to your own blog posts or media streams where you are honoring Day of the Dead, too.  I invite you to share posts about your ofrenda, community events, your own art -- especially inviting all our contributing artist from the trade to add your own links where you share more on how you made your art, meanings of the art, or more detailed photos of the full series you sent me.

For me personally, I'm honoring the great-grand and grandparents, along with my three sons, who've all gone before me.  I've been spending a lot of time trying to rest into a sense of peace, even in the face of death and grief.  So I decided to do a series of Skellie cards that could be strung together in the way you might see prayer or peace flags.  The photo below is the result -- and you can click here to see the "how-to" for details about how I made them, too.

By Kara LC Jones of MotherHenna
and then...
Presenting: The heARTists

Melissa Ixcheldevi of Spirit Goddess 

Angie Yingst of The Moon + Stone 
Rachel Regier of Curlsofred 
Christine Grothe of Grothe's Cornfields 
Lola Irizarry at Lola on FB 
Gemma Manzo of Gemma's House 
Lynndee LeBeau at 
Nicci Dot C A of Glitzy Gal 
Michelle Fave at Rite Here Now 
By Signe Reda
Marline Smallwood of Twig Studio 
Kelsey Perchinski of Dummaniosa
Adrienne Edmonson of Spun Sugar
Allison Trundle of 
Tracy Arancio of Artrageous Treasures 
Emily Sellers Wilberg of Stepping Stones 
Litsa Williams and Eleanor Haley of What's Your Grief 
Melissa Innocenzi of Never More Place for Art and Life 

Other Resources

If you are looking for ideas for Day of the Dead celebration, 
I've got some other posts that you might like:

A bit of background about Days of the Dead:
Click here to get Day of the Dead themed prints, cards, and more.

And remember you aren't alone on these days:
Click here to get print, cards, or stickers of this one.
Please add your own links to share your celebrations with us, too...see the MisterLinky below!


  1. Kara thank you for doing this. It was a fun experience...I had to leave town and couldn't fully participate but surely enjoyed this!!!!

    1. No problemo, Gemma! I meant to go into the MisterLinky and add your blog post for you, but never did...I think there are other posts from contributors, too... I'll have to look thru and add stuff. Hope your travels were fun! Sending you loves!! <3

  2. Kara, this was just such a beautiful exchange! When I got the package in the mail, it was such a treat to open up, read and take in all the many deep and artful expressions. I added all artworks to my altar and it just looks so complete. I look forward to more HeARTful exchanges! And thank all of you for gifting me with your precious creations <3

    1. Thanks so much, Melissa, for letting me know this. It really was an incredible exchange this year! I have so many beautiful things for our ofrenda now that we really need to add a whole other table in order to have it all out at the same time now! :) Definitely more heART-full exchanges are coming. My pace is just a bit slower than the rate at which the ideas fly into my head these days! But something soon... new years or valentines maybe. xoxooxooxox


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