Saturday, August 17, 2013

Creative Prompt: Shine...

Bliss. Really.  Anything shiny.  For me.  Total bliss.

It's a bonus if the shiny happens to come from the sun, but I have to say, I'm partial to LED holiday lights, too.  Living back here in the PNW, I'm just guessing that my shiny light therapy box will become my new best friend this coming winter.  And heck, I'm 40-something years old, and I still like glitter in my lip gloss -- and no, I don't care if you think I'm an old bat who looks disgusting with wrinkles, grey hair, fat, and glittery lip gloss.  Oh well.  You have your shiny.  And I have mine.

So anyway, that got me thinking about the creative prompt for today:


Even in the darkest of the dark, I found myself pondering some bit of shiny something.  Tucked in my blanket house, I'd peek out for the glint of sun ray falling across the carpet just so.  In the middle of the grief-induced-insomnia nights that seem to be so long and so dark, my being would find the switch for the LEDs I keep up all year round.  Or I take out the gilded, shiny, iridescent paints and add splash to an art journal page or a canvas.  Or light candles.  Something.  On days like today when the sun breaks through again, when you feel the crisp of Fall coming and *know* that the shine of sun is to be treasured, I like to stretch out in it and feel it across my entire body.

What about you?  Where is the shine?  How do you find it, even in the darkest moments?  What purpose does it serve in the dark?  What does it feel like to bask in it?  If you can't find it, how do you make it?  Even if you can't find any shine at all, you are in total dark, imagine being able to pick up a phone and call Shine to do a personal phone interview.  What would you ask Shine?  What would Shine have to offer?  What does it feel like to just invent a connection like that?  What other connections do we have the power to just invent, imagine, play with -- and what happens we when do play?  If Grief and Shine were to go on a picnic together, what would that look like?  What do they each contribute to the meal?  What do they talk about?  What lawn games do they play?  How are they each dressed.

You get the idea.  Play.  Do it in writing or collage or drawing or painting or photography or movement or whatever medium you like.  Let me know how Shine shows up for you!

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