Saturday, May 18, 2013

heART-full permission plus a few updates...

I am still loving the work and play we get to do over at the Creative Grief Studio.  Recently, one of the creative prompts I shared with you all here previously, got a new life and share over at the Studio blog: click here to read it.  

And we are about 1/2 full for our professional training course that starts in September.  If you have been considering exploring niche specialty in grief & creativity, check it out.  Cath and I will be considering applications over the next few weeks, so if you apply be on the lookout for response soon.

We are spending part of our summer reviewing the curriculum to tighten up the modules and to have a full edit done by a set of eyes that have not previously read it.  Cath and I have been through it so many times now, that we often just keep reading what we mean to put there instead of catch the little missing words or grammatical errors.  So that will be great to have a new set of eyes on it.  We're both taking materials out (that will eventually become pieces of stand-alone offerings) and hoping to add a few new things like faculty interviews with a few of the folks we have on our reading list for the course now.   I always love getting to do new sessions with guest faculty, so that should be fun!

And we'll have several new issues of our eNews out over the course of the summer where we'll share some great resources, news from our most recently certified coaches, and more creative heART-work.  If you haven't already gotten your free subscription, you can get on the list here.

It's been great collaborating with so many helping profession.  We've had many coaches, but also funeral home directors, hospice folks, social workers, and such do training with us.  While all have also had personal experiences with grief of course, they are approaching -- and our materials are serving -- a professional niche which has been a most interesting discovery process for us all!  Our Grief 101 MP3 is free and will give you a full picture of what we are doing with the Studio if you are trying to understand our work there!


For those of you who are bereaved yourselves and looking for personal use materials and such, I have lots of offerings via MotherHenna or  You'll find some of the materials for personal use are available free:

And there are a few workshops I offer as home, self-paced, and very reasonably priced at $35/ea for 6 weeks worth of materials in each course.  If you look at the detail pages for each of the workshops, you'll find a free MP3 is given away as a sample for each course, so you can get a feel for the different focuses:

I thought I'd open my personal coach practice back up by now, but I still have some work I want to do this summer to flesh out my in-person, Skype, art, group, one-on-one stuff.  So thank you for being patient with me on that.  More on that in the fall maybe :)

While I know that there are copious amounts of materials out there from me -- because I've been doing this since 1999 in various roles from KotaPress editor to Studio educator to fellow bereaved parent in zines and blogs -- I do hope you all know that it is *ALL* offered from a place heART-full intention and with the aim to serve BOTH bereaved people AND those who care for them.  As always always always, if you have questions or concerns, just get in touch with me!  Leave comment here, send email, text my phone, set up a Skype appt with me.    

And lastly for this little catch up and update, for those of you who have recently read my personal update over on the Letters to Kota blog, thank you for your kindnesses and understanding.  It has not been the outcome I wanted -- to endure the death of another child, and this time, so early in the pregnancy -- but it is what it is.  Hawk and I are doing lots of quiet time, meditation, being gentle with each other and life.  Thank you for the offers of help and such.  I'm grateful to have such generous, kind hearts as you in our lives.  *And* we are okay. Ish.  If we do find we need anything, I'll let you know.  But in the meantime, just the kind thoughts and supportive vibes are awesome.  Thank you.

Much love -- and hoping to get back to posting more regularly here again!

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