Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Art is made of non-art elements...

I'm wrestling these days with the Buddhist idea of:  Being is made up of Non-Being.  I wrote some about it in a letter to the boys today.  It's the idea of using clay to make a pot, but it's the space inside that holds whatever is precious to us.

For a long time, I've talked about art and creativity.  My thinking was that art and creativity are made up of art and creativity.  But this Buddhist view askew actually presents the idea that art is made up of non-art elements.  Stop talking about it and do whatever action you do and art will bloom from it without talking about anything.

Something in there about all the things I want for my art.  And then hearing in dharma talk that 1) I is not a Being, but rather made up of non-being elements and 2) Want is not the manifestation but rather just the grasping of want and desire.

My friend Lynndee put an interesting idea to me recently.  I was bemoaning the fact that, here I am all these years later, and I still don't know anything about how to license my art and don't understand the process behind it and blah blah.  Lynndee stopped me and asked, "What if it isn't about this thing you perceive as difficult knowledge and path?  What if this is simply about allowing yourself to work with people who love you and love your art and want to work with you to make your ideas happen?  What if this isn't about you doing all that other stuff?  What if this is about you taking the action of being heART-full and allowing love to unfold from that?"

????  What ????

I don't know about you, but in my art life, no one, *NO* *ONE*, has ever given me permission to be the artist and then allow people who love me and love my art to work with me doing what they do best, too.  Rather, I've been ingrained with having to do it yourself; with the evils of co-dependency; with the effort it takes to make things happen.

No answers or real conclusions yet.  This is all still stewing.  And maybe *that* is actually the bigger picture.  There is no end-game (except death maybe).  But rather, it is all just about allowing each day to stew and brew and cultivate yourself a lovely cuppa tea.  :)

Here's to being in heART and love...teacup or paint brush in hand!

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