Monday, October 22, 2012

Making & sharing your ofrenda... celebrating Day of the Dead

We're in the lead up to Days of the Dead.  In the past, we've had in-person community and I've had the energy to host some sort of online community event, too.  This year, I just am too zapped.  So I was missing the connections a bit, when suddenly, out of the blue Melissa from over at Spirit Goddess wrote to me with an invitation to participate in her week-long, community, Day of the Dead event!  I'm so excited to say that if you sign up (it's free) for the event, you'll see creative contributions from me and the other featured guests; you'll get some great interviews delivered right to your inbox, and more.  Click the snazzy button below to read more about how the event is happening and then sign up to join us!

October 31, 2012--Join in!

Hope the creation of your ofrenda (offerings) or altar is coming along, too.  I'm slowing starting to put ours together here.  One of the aspects of the event I mentioned above is Melissa's invitation to all participants to come over there and post photos of your altar or other Day of the Dead heART.    If you need a little inspiration for creating your ofrenda, click here to see my previous post about how to get started.

Sending gentle vibes out to all.

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