Friday, October 30, 2009

Welcome to Day of the Dead Blog Fest!

Mother Henna welcomes you to our Day of the Dead Blog Fest!
Come Fest with us!
Click on any photo to see it full size...
This year, we hosted an Artist Collaboration celebrating Day of the Dead!
Our FESTIVAL today is comprised of photos Hawk took for us.
ANNOUNCE!!! PDF eBooklet of all Hawk's photos + artist bios/statements now available
Click here!
Note: eBook is almost 20MB big even though I've extremely compressed it.
Did not want to compress more because I wanted you all to see the detail as much as possible.
Be patient with download as it is worth the wait!

First up: Lynndee Lebeau
Light your candles, set your ofrenda, gather your flowers and mementos.
Time for remembering. The veil is thinning!

Next up: Jane Valencia
Hear the music of the souls returning, of our hearts calling to love ones who are physically gone, but never forgotten. Grief cannot take away our love!

Next up: Jess Remember Iris
Say their names. Names written and honored. Let the love of them dance across your tongue as you speak your heart to them!

Next up: Nancy Grayson, Joel's Mom
Look around in the world and see where you can create love.
Do random kindness in their honor!

Next up: Shelley Hanna
Let your tender heart love and love and love.
Let your being create tangible pieces of heART showing your love!

Next up: Angie at StillLife With Circles
Paint the dance of the skeleton, let your love fly on the wings of the sacred butterflies!

Another from Angie at StillLife With Circles
Make your offerings to the Virgin, Frida, any Goddess who speaks to you!

Next up: Amber at
Let All Soul's Day be honored and celebrated.

Next up: Amy at Surviving The Day
Let the colors of fall, the saturation of love permeate through the layers of grief.
Be present to the moments of life and death that define us!

Next up: Christine & Abby Grothe
Let your body lean into the love you have for a dearly missed daughter, sister.

Next up: Ninnie at
Open your ideas and traditions to consider the celebration of the skeletons.
Let their beings glitter through the dark!

Next up: Brandy at
See the extraordinary detail and design of love's universe!

Next up: Beverley Baird of
See the love of every colorful skull!

Next up: A joint effort from BluebirdSinging & MayasDaddy
See the sprouting seeds of honor, remembrance, light in the dark, love in the face of death.

Next up: Yesh from over at ATCsforAll Gallery
Let the waves of this holiday wash over you, feel the welcoming of the spirits!

Next up: Ines at or or
See the spirits even in the driftwood that washes ashore.
We are part and particle of everything that is, was, and will be!

Close up of pieces from Ines at
Each piece of this driftwood was hand picked and painted.
Ines is remembering as part of her own process and remembering with all of us, too.
What do you do this season to honor and remember,
your loved ones and the universal experience of grief and love?

Next up: Sooze
How do we wrap up our love and remember everyday?
Sooze made these pocket ofrendas from all recycled and found materials!
Each one is beautifully unique. Just as the grief path is unique to each of us.
See close ups below:

Next up: Kara L.C. Jones
And finally, indulge in the sugar skull experience!See the tradition and add your own new experiences to make the holiday meaningful.
Love the way you love. Grieve the way you grieve.
There is no prescription to this experience!The sugar skulls are made with a tradition recipe and using traditional moulds
from Mexican Sugar Skulls,
but I've added my own love and experience by decorating them with henna
instead of icing. They are not edible, but they are beautiful and show the love I have for my son, grandmother, unkie, for all your children, too. And when the holiday is over, they melt in the rain, return to the earth simply and easily.

To see our Sugar Skull How-To produced right here at Mother Henna, click here!

And finally: Hawk Jones of
We are remembering all those you are remembering this weekend, too.
For me, Jizo means light in the face of darkness.
He is the Bodhisattva who watches over travelers and children who have died, particularly babies who are aborted, miscarried, stillborn, or die as infants. May you see the bright soul of your child in the folds of his robes this weekend when the veil between the worlds is so thin.

Please do a Day of the Dead post on your blog, and then add your permalink in the comments to join the festival!

Miracles to all of you!


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  1. The art is all so beautiful and amazing! I can't wait to receive my package in the mail to see and touch these pieces in person! Thanks for posting them for us all to see.

  2. WOW, those are so beautiful and impressive. I love the different ways to honor our lost loved ones. SO many creative, gorgeous and amazing pieces. I am very much looking forward to seeing my package, but understand the delay. I will photograph them together on my ofrenda, and post when I receive everything. Much love.

  3. I absolutely love those sugar skulls! Everything here is fantastic MH! Wish I could participate, not sure my stuff qualifies, wish it did. Blessings to you on this special day.

  4. It all looks awesome! I can't wait to see them all!

  5. wow.. how incredible.. I can't wait for my package...the pieces are so beautiful!

  6. Thanks for letting me know my food stuff is OK for this post! I linked to my little meringue ghosties, LOL. You are such a creative Goddess, I still can't believe all what you do. It's amazing.

  7. Everything is so beautiful!!! We can't wait to receive our package - silly post office :/

    Thank you so much Kara for organizing this swap!!!!

  8. WOW amazing art, I am looking forward to be able to touch and see all this wonderful art for real. I'm as excited as a kid at Christmas about everybody posting their art work on their blogs, too.

    xx Ines

  9. The artwork is amazing! I can't wait to receive all the pieces - it will be an honour to have these.
    Thanks so much Kara for hosting this great swap. Love your post as well!

  10. These photos and pieces are all so incredibly beautiful, full of spirit, full of HeART. I'm deeply moved, and, yes, a tear or two slides from my eyes! You have all enlarged my ideas of heARTful artistry and remembrance. Kara, those photos are incredible. You display the artwork so beautifully and deeply ....

    Gracias mi amiga!

  11. Wonderful celebration with so much amazing art!!

  12. These are AMAZING! Thank you so much for this wonderful experience Kara.

    Those sugar skulls are really lovely, you have an great eye.


  13. Love the Day of the Dead art. Nice work!

  14. This is one of my favorite celebrations. That art is beautiful!

  15. I love that you did this and that you invited all of us to add our links. Blessings to all those who have passed away. May our love for them remain full in our hearts.

  16. What a delight to find you! Thank you for the visit to dia de bloglandia that led me here!!

    Great collection of Day of the Dead art!

  17. Hi I just stopped by to see your ofrenda and you've done an awesome job listing all this art work. I think I may have added my blog to Inky? Sorry I didn't know it was for art until I added my name....Ayeeeee, I'm embarressed. Sorry. Great post and Happy Dia De Los Muertos!

  18. Hello,

    I saw from your blog your great interest on Dia de Los Muertos and didn't know if you would be interested in a mini-documentary we've made about it. I work at Bartle Bogle Hegarty, the advertising agency for British Airways that made the film. Please feel free to feature it if you find it interesting and let us know your thoughts!



  19. So glad you all enjoyed the Day of the Dead blog fest. I am certainly moved by all that you shared -- in the physical art collaboration -- and on the blog posts from near and far! Though Day of the Dead has come to a close, and my sugar skulls are melting away in the rain, I continue lighting my candle each day. Remembering with all of you!


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